drought smart gardens
drought smart gardens
Drought Smart Gardens
Drought Smart Gardens

The Process

Step oneWe will come to your home or business, meet with you, and measure your lawn to obtain the approximate size and cost of your new Drought Smart Garden. We will bring samples of your gravel and mulch choices, and discuss the overall process. 


Step two/ Garden Design:  You can hire one of our licensed landscape designers for $150.00, you can design your new garden yourself, or you can modify one of our existing designs. We have the resources to help you.


Step three: Our installer meets you at your home or business to go over the install process.Our licensed Contractor will:


1. Kill the existing grass over a 7 to 10 day period.
2. Cover the old grass area with a weed barrier.
3. Install plants, 35 to 40 per each 1,000 square feet.
4. Convert your existing lawn sprinkler system to a drip system.
5. Cover the new garden area with your choices of our available mulch, rocks and decomposed Granite.

6. We will come back in 30 days or so to make sure all plants are alive. Plants that do not survive will be replaced.


Payment: You will pay the contractor a 10% deposit. He will then start killing the grass. Once the grass is dead, dead, dead, usually 7 to 10 days later, our contractor will be back to start installation. You will then pay him 40% of the bill. Once the garden in completed and you are happy, you will pay the balance owed. 


Two Financing options:


Option 1: You can finance your new 1,000 sq.ft. Drought Smart Garden for about $50.00 per month for 60 months.  If you factor in your current lawn maintenance costs each month you will be saving water and money. Click: lawn maintenance expenses. Call us for more financing details.


Option 2: The HERO Program: you can put the cost of your new lawn on your tax bill- your credit score is not an issue, this loan is driven by the equity in your home…and you can write off the interest expense. The minimum loan the Hero program will accept is  $5,000, so you would be replacing 2,000 sq.ft. of grass. Call us, or click: www.heroprogram.comfor more details. 

Interested in a landscaping consultation?

We're happy to come by your house for an on-site consultation. Call us at: +1 310 4931999


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Pick one of our California Friendly™ Landscape Design Garden Themes

 Averaging 25 to 30 stunningly beautiful, California drought tolerant plants that will thrive with little water. You will also have numerous choices of Ground Cover, Shrubs, Perennials,
Succulents and Grasses.



Splash of Color

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Drought Smart Gardens